AI Skin Screening

100 Dermatologists in your pocket.


Melaknow is an app that uses a patent pending machine learning algorithm to help you determine if a patient has a melanoma. It leverages the power of multiple image analysis techniques to provide a melanoma detection accuracy 50% better than most primary care doctors.

Using Melaknow is as simple as taking a picture -- and you get results back within seconds. With Melaknow, accurate and affordable skin screening is the new standard of care, and unnecessary late diagnoses, a thing of the past.

1 in 5

will have skin cancer by the time they are 70

Half as many dermatologists

The U.S. has half as many dermatologists as it would need to effectively treat most skin ailments. This gap has only continued to grow in the last 10 years.

95% survival rate

The 10 year survival rate for melanoma caught in stage 1 is about 95% -- this rate is even higher if caught in situ.

67% survival rate

The 10 year survival rate for melanoma caught in stage 2 is only 67%. It continues to drop quickly if the tumor is allowed to progress, falling to only 14% by stage 4.

8.1 billion dollars the amount spent treating skin cancer each year. Most of this cost is for cancers that were caught late. If caught early, average treatment costs are only around 2k.

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