The future of skin screening.

A computer vision skin screening app for primary care doctors.

With Melaknow,

keep your patients safe from melanoma.

Detect accurately

Primary care doctors can become up to 50% more accurate at identifying melanoma.

Diagnose sooner

Diagnose melanoma up to a month sooner by screening and biopsying suspicious lesions directly.

Free to start.

There's no upfront cost: all you need is a smartphone, a doctor's license, and a few minutes to give your patients access to better skin screening.

Simple to learn.

You'll be guided through each step of the data collection process in app. Don't worry –– with lesion tracking and patent pending multimage-detection technology, we won't let you make a mistake.

Fast to use.

After the first few times, it's a breeze. Just tap, turn, and get a risk index within seconds.

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